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Prescriptions - Dallas Department of Labor Workers' Comp DoctorsPain can be the most debilitating aspect of an injury, acting as a consistent reminder of your injury each time you move around or even stand up. For many workers who have suffered injuries, pain is also a constant reminder that they are not fit enough to work. Even the smallest and simplest movements and motions can become impossible when you’re in pain, and until that pain subsides, you’re stuck worrying about every aspect of your livelihood. Healing your pain can become the main focus of your entire life.

At Work Injury MD, we don’t want you to let everything in your life fall by the waist side because of a work-related injury. Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain after years of overuse on the job, or if you’re dealing with pain from a singular traumatic work-related incident, we can help heal your pain. Our board-certified physician is qualified to prescribe you the right medicine as a part of a treatment regimen to help you recover from work-related injuries.

We have a full range of resources to offer you in your time of need, and prescription medications can play a huge part in helping you recover quickly and successfully. Our doctor will take the time to determine what sort of medications are right for you, the dosage that will work, and the amount of time that you should take said medication. Our Dallas Department of Labor Workers’ Compensation doctors will also help you file your claim and evaluate the cost of your full recovery.

Don’t let pain and injury stop you from living the life you want to lead. We serve the Dallas area, including Ennis, Denton, and Waco.

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Determining the Right Medication for You

Depending on the kind of injury you’ve sustained, you might require a variety of different prescription medications, or no prescription medications at all. That’s why our prescription medication treatments always start with a proper diagnosis of your injury.

Not only will we determine the best treatments based on your injury, but we will determine exactly what treatments we should avoid based on your medical history. Prescription medications can be a great tool for treating conditions, especially for serious pain problems, but knowing the risks involved with certain prescription medicines can be the difference between life and death for patients.

Our clinic’s doctor and staff are well versed in diagnosing injuries and have a great deal of experience in providing the correct treatment to get you on the path to a successful recovery. Whether with prescription medication or other types of treatments, you can be certain that we will take care of you as best as possible. We’re committed to your recovery, regardless of which treatment is best for you.

The Right Medicine, The Right Dosage, The Right Duration

Effective prescription medication treatment is reliant on three things: having the right medication, taking the right dosage, and taking the medication for the right duration of time. Of course, having the right medication is the most important of the three. You wouldn’t treat something that required antibiotics with pain medicine. Our doctor and staff have the experience necessary to ensure that you’re receiving the correct medication for your injury.

Knowing the correct dosage of your medication is also imperative in treating health issues with prescription medication. If a doctor prescribes too low of a dose, the medication won’t have the desired effect on a patient. If a doctor prescribes too high of a dose, however, the patient may suffer from adverse effects, sometimes even resulting in death.

Similarly, taking medication for the right amount of time is essential to a successful use of prescription medication. Sometimes a doctor can provide a high dose for a short period of time, or a low dose for a longer period, but if they don’t adequately distribute the medicine, it won’t be effective.

While doctors are the ones responsible for providing a proper prescription, patients should also do their part. Providing a detailed and accurate medical history to a doctor will help your chances of a complete recovery from your injury, and also lower the risk of a doctor prescribing medicine that might have negative effects on your body.

Workers’ Compensation After Injury

Depending on the kind of injury you suffered from and the circumstances of that injury, you may be qualified for workers’ compensation to help offset the costs of time missed at work, financial issues, and the general toll that an injury takes on a person. If you’ve been injured a work-related incident, the best way to figure out if you’re eligible for workers’ compensation is to discuss your situation with experienced professionals. At Work Injury MD, we’re the experienced professionals you’re looking for.

We can provide the following to help you with your workers’ compensation claim:

  • The proper diagnoses and treatments to get you back to good health.
  • The right paperwork and guidance to help you process your workers’ compensation claim.
  • The medical records and paperwork you’ll need to process such a claim.
  • The answers to any general questions you have about work-related health issues and workers’ compensation.

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Finding the right doctor who understands prescription medication and your work-related injury can be a difficult and daunting task. We strive to make your life easier at Work Injury MD, providing the right treatment, whether using prescription medicine or not, to get you back on your feet after getting hurt on the job. Our Dallas Department of Labor workers’ compensation doctor has your best interest at heart.

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