Physiotherapy for Injured Workers in Texas

Dallas Federal Workers’ Compensation Consultants for Physiotherapy Matters

Dallas federal workers' comp consultantsWhen people think of injury treatment, they often think about the time it takes to rest, the medication that’s used to stop the pain, and casts and braces that keep broken, dislocated or sprained limbs in place. What’s not thought of as often is physiotherapy, sometimes known as physical therapy, but it can play a huge part in helping an injury heal and often leads to a faster, more stable recovery. With the right exercises for the areas surrounding your injury, physiotherapy will not only help you heal but strengthen the injured area so you’re less prone to get re-injured.

At Work Injury MD, we have the experience necessary to get you on the right physiotherapy regimen. With a board-certified physician and an experienced staff, we’re able to figure out what exercises and routines would be best tailored to healing your injury. We’re confident that our physiotherapy treatments will help you get back to the life you love and lose the pain of your work-related injury. Additionally, our Dallas federal workers’ compensation consultants will also help you file your workers’ comp claim.

Our clinic’s full range of resources allows us to create physiotherapy regimens for any work-related injury, from traumatic, isolated incident injuries to overuse injuries that develop over time. We’ll take the time to figure out how to properly work with your injury and ensure that you don’t overexert yourself before healing. The number one goal of our clinic is to help you recover as best as possible.

Whatever the cause of your injury, don’t let it continue to dictate your life and stop you from living a happy life. If you’ve been injured on the job or know somebody with a work-related injury, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our Dallas federal workers’ compensation consultants serve the Dallas area, including Denton, Ennis, and Waco.

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The Proper Diagnosis

Before determining the best physiotherapy treatments, or any treatments at all, it is imperative that we have a correct and proper diagnosis of your injury. This includes running various tests, checking your medical history, and comparing the different results.

Our clinic will determine the best course of action once we have a proper diagnosis, and we’ll be able to tell if physiotherapy would be beneficial for you or whether you might not need the treatment at all. Because physiotherapy focuses so much on the injured areas, we want to make sure that we’re having you exercise the proper regions without hurting them again or hurting any other parts of your body.

We can diagnose your injury and get you on the path to treatment and recovery from your work-related injury. You can be certain that our clinic’s number one objective is getting you healthy and back on your feet, and we have a variety of means to do it. If you believe that physiotherapy may help you on your mission to healing, don’t hesitate to reach out and learn more about the services we offer at Work Injury MD.

Worker’s Compensation After Injuries

In some cases, a work-related injury may entitle you to worker’s compensation to make up for the lost time at work, financial losses, and a slew of other problems you face while injured. Our clinic can help you in every step of the worker’s compensation process, and help you get the compensation that you deserve.

We can provide the following to help you with your worker’s compensation claim:

  • The proper diagnoses and treatments to get you back to good health.
  • The right paperwork and guidance to help you process your worker’s compensation claim.
  • The medical records and paperwork you’ll need to process such a claim.
  • The answers to any general questions you have about work-related injuries and worker’s compensation.

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If you or a loved one you know has been injured in a work-related accident or is dealing with pain from years of overuse in the workplace, we can help you get better and recover. Our goal is to make your life easier in the trying times after a work-related injury. We’ll take care of figuring out the difficult stuff, so you can focus on the most important thing: getting better.

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