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Four Common Myths About Texas Workers Compensation

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Texas worker’s compensation laws can be confusing, complex, and hard to understand. It is no surprise that there are a number of myths and misconceptions about Texas workers comp, from why claims are denied to what is considered a work-related injury. Below, we have shared four common myths about worker’s compensation in hopes of dispelling them forever.

Myth #1: You can’t collect workers compensation if the work accident was your fault.

In most cases, you can collect worker’s compensation benefits regardless of whether you were at fault for the accident that caused your injury. But, while this is true, it is important to note that you may be denied worker’s comp benefits in Texas if you were intoxicated at the time of the accident, if the accident involved roughhousing or pranks, or if the accident was the result of a mental illness.

Myth #2: You can’t collect worker’s compensation if you were in a traffic accident.

It is true that in the majority of cases, you cannot collect worker’s compensation if you were injured in a traffic accident during your commute to or from work. However, if you were on the clock and in a company car on company business, you likely do qualify for worker’s compensation. Likewise, if you were injured in a car accident while traveling for business, or while going to an off-site work-related activity, you could also qualify for worker’s compensation.

Myth #3: Part-time workers aren’t eligible for worker’s compensation benefits.

It is absolutely a misconception that you must work with an employer full time in order to file a valid worker’s compensation claim. As long as you are receiving a wage or salary and have taxes deducted from each paycheck, and as long as your employer has worker’s compensation insurance, you should have benefits just note that seasonal workers and contract workers likely do not have benefits.

Myth #4: Most worker’s compensation cases are fraudulent.

There is a general misconception in society that most worker’s compensation claims are fraudulent or exaggerated. This is simply not the case. It is a fact of life that, even with safety regulations and careful workers, hundreds of thousands of workers are injured on the job each year. These workers are often faced with extensive medical bills, lost wages, and long recoveries. Without worker’s compensation benefits, an on-the-job injury could thrust families into financial ruin, cause long-term disabilities, and cause many workers to lose their jobs permanently. The vast majority of workers who file worker’s comp claims are simply seeking what is rightfully theirs under the law.

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