man with injured back

Understanding Herniated Disc Injuries

Dallas, Texas DOL Physicians Providing Treatment Options for Work Related Herniated Disc Injuries Anyone who has suffered from a back or neck injury knows all too well that they can cause excruciating and immobilizing pain – pain that can make it impossible to walk or sleep, let alone concentrate or perform at work. One of […]

nurse back injury

How Registered Nurses Can Avoid Back Injuries

DOL Physicians Treating Nurses with Work-related Back Injuries in the Dallas Region According to the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), nurses suffer more than 35,000 back and other injuries each year while on the job that are serious enough to cause them to miss work. The majority of these injuries are preventable […]

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How to Configure Your Desk to Avoid Repetitive Strain Injuries

Board Certified Doctors Treating Repetitive Strain Injuries in the Dallas Area It is a dangerous misconception that office and desk workers are safe from injury while at the workplace. Not only are they susceptible to fall injuries and lift injuries just as other workers are, but they are also in danger of repetitive strain injuries […]