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Individuals who work for the federal government face many challenges that are specific to their unique status. In many cases, federal employees face dangerous situations as a matter of routine, and even those that work in more traditional roles often suffer from injuries related to repetitive motion or even exposure to toxic or dangerous substances. Whichever is the case, all federal employees face the same kind of governmental red tape when it comes time for them to get comprehensive insurance coverage for the injuries they sustain while in service to the government.

Because of this, federal employees that have suffered serious on the job injuries not only need to locate physicians that are well qualified and experienced when it comes to treating their specific ailments, but they also require doctors who have a solid understanding of the ins and outs of DOL and workers compensation laws and regulations. The good news is, at Work Injury MD Medical Clinic our highly skilled medical staff members can provide both cutting edge medical care and assistance with processing workers comp and DOL claims-all under one convenient roof.

The Benefits Work Injury MD Physicians Bring to the Table

The medical professionals at the Work Injury MD in Texas bring a number of specific skills to bear on behalf of federal employees that have been injured while performing their official duties. Some of the outstanding benefits that they provide include the following:

A focus on the needs of federal employee patients. Federal employees fill many different roles for the government. These include jobs such as FBI agent, postal workers, jail and prison officials, construction workers, Clerical and office employees, TSA workers, forestry service functionaries, and even medical staff. Individuals who work for any of these branches of the government deserve to be covered for on the job injuries, and the Work Injury MD make it a priority to handle OWPC and DOL claims quickly and exhaustively.

A remarkable level of knowledge of the OWPC and DOL claims process. Unlike the average physician, Work Injury MD medical professionals have in-depth experience of the inner working of the federal worker injury claims process. Because of this, they are ahead of the game and are well qualified to answer any questions patients have about how the system works. This detailed information also allows our doctors to offer the best care possible under the federal injury care system.

Take care of red tape and paperwork for the patient. When an individual has been injured on the job and is fighting to regain good health, the last thing they need is to worry about details such as the mountains of paperwork that often accompany federal claims. At the Work Injury MD, our support staff takes this weight off the shoulder of the client, allowing them to focus on what is most important-getting well.

Types of Injuries That are Treated at the Work Injury MD

Employees of the federal government provide a host of different services for the various departments for which they work. Because of the wide variety of jobs and roles that they fill, they understandably tend to suffer a variety of injuries. The good news is, the experienced physicians at the Work Injury MD are well versed in the treatment of a large number of different maladies.

These include hand and wrist injuries, head and brain trauma, shoulder complications, neck injuries, foot and ankle problems, leg and knee issues, and even internal injuries.

Once the specific issue that a patient is suffering from has been diagnosed, Work Injury MD doctors will offer a number of different treatment to help that individual regain their health and quality of life. Some of these treatments include prescriptions, chronic pain management interventions, injections, and even physical therapy.

Areas of Service

The physicians at Work Injury MD cater to individuals from several metro areas. These include:

Ennis, Denton, Dallas and Waco


  • Postal Workers
  • Construction Workers
  • Clerks & Office Workers
  • Emergency Workers
  • Prison & Jail Workers
  • TSA Employees
  • Registered Nurses
  • Forest Service Employees
  • Compliance Officers

Injuries treated:

Federal employees that have suffered on the job injuries and are seeking recognition and coverage for their ailments are encouraged to contact the caring specialists at the Work Injury MD today.