Helping You On The Road To Recovery: A Denton Medical Clinic For Injured Workers

Serving Injured Workers in the Denton, Tx Area

Located to the northwest of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Denton, Texas houses over one hundred thousand people, many of whom spend their days or nights working hard to make a living. Thousands of workers are employed within city limits, working for the University of North Texas, Denton Independent School District, Peterbilt Motors, Texas Women’s University, and Denton County. Many more commute to the surrounding areas to work, including places like Decatur, Grapevine, Gainesville, and Dallas.

While all employers strive to make their workplace safe, and while all workers wish to protect themselves from harm, workplace accidents and injuries do happen, in Denton and elsewhere. When a worker is injured, it is vital that he or she seeks and receives adequate medical care so that they can return to the job and their regular activities at home as soon as possible.

If you have been injured while on the job, either in Denton or the surrounding area, our Dallas medical clinic is here to help. Call us today to speak to our board-certified doctor, to schedule a consultation, or to learn more about our services.

We see injured workers from all industries and professions, including workers covered by Texas worker’s compensation and workers covered by the Department of Labor Office of Worker’s Compensation Program (OWCP). Specifically, we have helped patients who worked as:

Whether you have suffered a minor ankle injury walking around your office, or whether you have suffered a catastrophic spine injury, we are here to help guide you on the path to recovery, through thorough testing, thoughtful diagnosis, and effective treatments and therapies.

We offer a wide range of medical services focused on injured workers, including:

  • Acute care.
  • A pain management clinic.
  • Diagnostic tests.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • Physical therapy.
  • Surgery.

A Doctor Who Focuses Only On Injured Texas Workers

Injured workers may suffer from the same injuries and conditions as other patients, but they have a unique set of worries and needs:

  • When can I return to work to support myself and my family?
  • Will I be able to complete the same tasks that I did before?
  • How will I receive financial support while I am away from my job?
  • How can I receive worker’s compensation?
  • What if I cannot afford medical care?
  • Will my health be fully restored?
  • How can I control the chronic pain associated with my injury?
  • Should I get a second opinion besides my company doctor?
  • How can I prevent re-injuring myself at work?

At Work Injury MD, we are familiar with everything that a worker goes through after an injury, from the confusion of what is wrong to the stress of finding the right solution, to the relief that comes when you work your way toward recovery. We are also very familiar with all of the most common work injuries and how they present themselves in patients.

What Is A Work-Related Injury?

You would think that it would be obvious whether your injury is a workplace injury and whether it is therefore covered by worker’s compensation. However, there are many grey areas to consider, from how you were injured, to when you were injured, to where you were injured.

  • Can you receive worker’s compensation if you were traveling? You cannot receive worker’s compensation, in most cases, if you were commuting to or from work. For example, if you were in a car accident on your way to work, you would not be covered. However, there are a number of exceptions. If you were traveling in a company vehicle, or on company time, you may be covered. If you do not have a fixed worksite, you may be covered. Finally, if you are injured on a business trip, you may be covered.
  • Can you receive worker’s compensation if you were at fault? In some cases, you can receive worker’s compensation even if you are at fault. For example, some workers still qualify for worker’s compensation even if they were violating a safety rule, especially if the workplace knew about those specific violations. Workers who injured themselves purposefully, however, will most likely have their claim denied.
  • Can you receive worker’s compensation if you were off the clock? If you injure yourself during your lunch hour, for example, you probably cannot collect worker’s compensation. However, if you were eating at a company cafeteria, or if you were eating while on the clock, you may qualify.
  • Can you receive worker’s compensation if your injury involved a pre-existing condition? Yes, if you have an old back injury that was made significantly worse due to an at-work accident or your work environment, you should still qualify for worker’s compensation. However, you must be able to prove that your pre-existing condition was made worse by the accident and that it is not simply the condition itself.
  • Can you receive worker’s compensation if you acquired a disease or illness on the job? Yes, just as you can receive compensation for an accident or overuse injury, you can also receive compensation if you develop an illness that is the direct result of your job environment you just have to be able to prove the connection.

Every work injury or illness is different and every worker’s compensation claim is dependent on a large number of factors. We recommend that you speak with a Denton worker’s compensation attorney to discuss your case.

Common Workplace Injuries In Denton, Texas

Just as there are common sports injuries and common childhood injuries, there are also common worker injuries. Because our physician and our medical team only treat workers, we are very familiar with the signs, symptoms, and treatments for the most common on-the-job injuries and illnesses. These include:

  • Head injuries such as concussions, traumatic brain injuries, and skull fractures.
  • Neck injuries such as slipped discs, herniated discs, muscle strains, and pinched nerves.
  • Back injuries such as broken vertebrae, bulging discs, muscle strains, and spinal cord injuries.
  • Hand and wrist injuries including sprains, strains, dislocated thumbs, fractures, and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Leg and knee injuries including dislocated kneecaps, ACL tears, broken bones, and sprains.
  • Internal injuries such as damaged organs, broken ribs, and abdominal injuries.

All of these injuries should be treated with thought and care injuries that are not correctly diagnosed and treated could lead to chronic health issues and pain. Injury victims should also undergo physical therapy when appropriate so that they can restore strength and a full range of motion in all affected areas. In addition, all work injuries should be analyzed so that employees returning to work does not make the same mistakes or fall into the same patterns that could cause a similar injury, or aggravate an old one.

The Three Basic Requirements For Texas Worker’s Compensation

Many of our patients are worried about how they will pay their medical bills and support themselves and their families as they recover from their injury and while they are not able to return to work. At Work Injury MD, we can help you understand the paperwork and records that you need to file a worker’s compensation claim, and can answer basic questions about your case.

The three basic requirements for worker’s compensation claims in Texas are:

  1. Your employer must have worker’s compensation insurance. Most businesses are required to carry this insurance under the law, but some are exempt due to their size or the nature of their business.
  1. You must be an employee of the business. Although part-time workers and volunteers can often file for worker’s compensation, independent contractors cannot.
  1. You must be able to prove that the injury was work-related. Your worker’s compensation claim must contain evidence that your injury or illness took place at work or was the result of work-related activities, not an injury sustained outside of your work duties or a pre-existing condition.

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Injured workers deserve quality, compassionate care from experienced medical professionals with a background in assisting on-the-job health conditions. At Work Injury MD, we are committed to providing our patients with everything that they need to recover and heal, from the right diagnostic tests to the best and most effective treatments.

Whether you would like to secure a second opinion, get help with your chronic pain, or fully recover from an overuse injury, we are here to guide you down the path of recovery. We also treat acute work injuries, including injuries sustained during falls, construction work, or traffic accidents. Not only do we work closely with our patients to make them better, but we also assist them with getting the paperwork and information that they need to file their worker’s compensation claim.

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